Luxury Branding & Design


I specialise in getting you on track

& help businesses navigate market challenges and shifts by tapping into their brand strengths.

Discover what your customer wants to see, hear and feel – from you today.


Empathy and sleuth-like intuition

Brand Vision & Clarity

We "zoom-out" of your business.

And, get crystal clear on the competitive landscape in which you operate – this level of objectivity is hard to do "in-house".

From this "bird's-eye" perspective, we assess what makes your product or brand genuinely unique, and what your customers currently need from you.


Strategic Design Planning

Dive deeper & help you get results.

Now, we know where you need to be, we'll define the scope of your most critical next step to get you there.

We’ll apply the “7 principles of designing a brand” to create a specific plan to bring your product, project or service in line with your customers and then give you support & guidance as you implement and "get it done"!


Expert Creative & Trainer

Long-term partnerships.

We work with a limited number of clients, and Design, PR or Marketing Agencies for when you need someone in the trenches with you. These are reliable partnerships where you need expert help and support.

Think of us like your master trainer, and best design and marketing pal all rolled into one.


I believe you need to understand the subtleties of your brand.

To reach your customers – especially in a noisy market.


Why this approach works

You need a plan. Let’s face it, you (and your team) have been in business for a while – and something isn’t working. That is why you’re here. You don’t need to pay for the kind of high-level support I can offer all the time, but you do need help to either kick-off, get you back on track and pull all the strings together.

What I bring is a blend of intense creativity, savvy intuition, varied experience and knowledge, strategy skills and acumen – left and right-hand brain. Not everyone can do this.

Many people think they know, but they don’t. It doesn’t matter whether you have a fantastic in-house team, or are a solo entrepreneur – sometimes you need expert help.

You may have a beautiful looking website, a cool logo and copy saying “all the right things”. You may get admirers and emoji “likes”, but, is it getting you sustainable customer or client connection? That is a skill that requires depth and perception. It is subtle and nuanced, which is why you need a plan to lift you out of the mundane and to a different level.

Ed Hewertson Reborn Avation
Jennifer is incredibly talented. She never skips on quality or integrity and ensures her customers are totally happy – to large agency standards.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Edmund Hewertson Founder at Reborn Aviation Ltd

Example Projects