Luxury Branding & Design

Jennifer Glover is a lead creative, design & brand strategy consultant.

Jennifer's knowledge straddles the design disciplines and comes from over twenty years of experience. She has designed for exhibitions, consulted on pitch winning proposals, working with retailers, non-profits and created bespoke decorative pieces for London Fashion Week.

After gaining her degree in Fine Art & Embroidery from the MMU, Jennifer cut her teeth in commercial design under directors from Saatchi's and Lippa Pearce. In a time when it wasn’t unknown for a high-end design agency to spend a whole week position one line of type – Jennifer learnt the importance of subtle positioning and exact messaging that still rings true today. Yes, we need to move much, much quicker, but we need to do so with accuracy.

Jennifer has worked for Habitat, The Guardian and Meridian Television. A life-long learner – she is continually widening the scope of her abilities – both in modern marketing and design and brand loyalty and longevity.

Jennifer believes good branding and storytelling comes from deep thinking, focussed identities, great relationships, and immersing yourself wholeheartedly in a project.

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Adam Smith
Jennifer is a rare combination of great creative talent and really intuitive in getting the right results for her clients. The quality of work is nothing short of outstanding.

I’d recommend her to anyone where the brand is ‘tired’, the delivery ‘predictable’ or is missing that magic sparkle without losing sight of the need to generate commercial results. Also an absolute pleasure to work with!
— Adam Smith: Cloud Tech and eCommerce