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Keeping it real (and raw)

Stonebeck is a raw, artisan cheese produced in small batches by new farmers – Sally and Andrew Hattan in Nidderdale, Yorkshire. Obsessed with preserving and rediscovering old heritage cheese-making recipes and traditions, along with farming their beautiful, wild oasis in remote Derbyshire – they were a joy to support and work with.

We were asked to help them “soft launch” their brand by creating a unique mark and identity as they continued to work on recipes and refine their business ready for a test batch of cheese the following year. Their new brand needed to take them through these formative years as they build awareness amongst stockists and supporters (including Neals Yard Dairy), foodie restaurants and artisan farmers markets.

Why it is always best to start with the end goal in mind.

To create something unconsidered at this early stage would have been a mistake, and Sally and Andrew were astute enough to know precisely the kind of impact and market they wanted their cheese to attract and perform alongside. We helped them hone this instinct, talking together to see how we could bring the raw personality of the cheese into their whole brand story.

Sally and Andrew use only a small herd of just fifteen Northern Dairy Shorthorn rare breed cows. These cows are special. There are very few herds left in the UK, so we used an actual picture of their breeding livestock to create their unique signature mark. However, just as crucial to their story is the “terroir” which is integral to the flavour of the cheese – the local flora, fauna, wildlife and the stone brook where the cows traditionally graze.

Much like a fine wine, Stonebeck cheese is absolutely an expression of the farm and place in which it is – with a soft and creamy, long, complex and layered flavour. 

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Sally already knew she wanted to have a kraft paper, parchment tone to the branding – this was pretty much the one aspect she knew from the start, so we worked with her to create a simple but strong black and white, hand-drawn pen and illustration, that would compliment her vision.

The typography and honing the message of the cheese was also critical. In the full brand identity, you can see the flexibility in which the logo can be used. This is a unique cheese and deserves a mature and considered approach.

Visit the Stonebeck Cheese website.

Sally Hattan Stonebeck Cheese
Jennifer patiently took us through the whole journey and got to know us and our product in order to design a logo perfect for our needs. A logo is such a key part of marketing - and I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough. We used Facetime to ‘meet’ which worked extremely well and the finished design has proved excellent value for money. We have had so many compliments about our branding.
— Sally Hattan – Stonebeck Cheese, Derbyshire