Brand Strategy & Website for a new UK Manufacturing Company

Reborn Aviation Re Manufacturing Piper Warrior aircraft

When we were first asked to work with Reborn Aviation – they were at ground zero. The had done one year of business viability research and were now looking to woo investors and launch their concept.

If your business is at this formative stage, this is where we can really help. By developing a cohesive brand early on, you can position yourself as an authority in your field and win much-needed support to drive your business forward. At the same time, the brand analysis needs to be done correctly, so you can still allowing yourself the flexibility to pivot and adjust as your business idea naturally develops.

With our support, you can:

  • sell “off-plan”

  • generate awareness from investors

  • test the viability of your business before investing in huge manufacturing costs.

For Reborn Aviation, we created a killer logo mark that incorporated the shape of the Piper aircraft they intended to remanufacture. The directors at Reborn knew that in the future they may want to extend their concept o other aircraft, but Piper was both an iconic and integral aspect of their business concept. The logo we created was:

  • easily identifiable

  • had breadth and flexibility to work now and in the future.

It was intended from the outset that the emblem could take the business from sales concept to aspirational brand and could be stitched into leather seats when the plane was eventually brought to life.

We researched the aspirational market that Reborn wanted to attract. Yes, aircraft are a luxury commodity, but this project was predominantly aimed at flights schools, or those who wanted short jaunts across the channel or had the affluence to learn or instruct at home. Their budgets need to be more realistic than large aviation companies, so this brand needed to fulfil a gap in the market.

Reborn Aviation Piper Warrior III reimagined dashboard illustration that shows the new tech for modern pilots

Reborn Aviation Piper Warrior III reimagined dashboard illustration that shows the new tech for modern pilots

We positioned the brand to be:

  • “better than buying new”

  • making great financial sense

  • making the customer feel they hadn’t compromised on quality

  • led with the concept of heritage

For Reborn Aviation, we developed a process that could help them sell their intention. Before a single aircraft had been bought, we sourced and projected managed:

  • a single page website to sell their concept

  • digital product modelling illustrations to show how the aircraft would look

    interior dashboard digital illustrations to explain the concept to flight schools and pilots

  • a simple brochure that could be handed out at trade fairs

  • stationary that would represent the company to customers part of the engagement process

Working this way around isn't right for all brands.

In the case of Reborn, it was the perfect solution. It will work for you if your customer or client needs to see something tangible to before they buy into your product's concept. It is this kind of development and "big picture" work that we love to help with – taking your business or product from dream to viable sellable reality.

Ed Hewertson Reborn Aviation
“Jennifer is incredibly talented ... and ensures her customers are totally happy – to large agency standards. She never skips on quality or integrity to the project. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
— Edmund Hewertson Founder at Reborn Aviation Ltd