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Organic clothing and natural eco products catalogue

Book and catalogue design that lasts

Over the years, we’ve created numerous large format books and catalogues from the ground up. This requires:

  • Involved research

  • Copywriting and headlines generation

  • Graphic and illustration creation

  • Photographic styling

  • Bespoke layout design

  • Corrections and implementation

Catalogues and brochures with beautiful design and print finishes are a rarity these days, but that makes them so much more special. Customers who go that extra mile to have the right paper, metallic finishes, foil blocking, linen book cloth, bespoke packaging and boxes all know how these will steep in the memory of their customers and bring loyalty. Yes, highly designed print is not right for every business or budget, but in the luxury sector, they can often be expected. When designed correctly, print can last a long time in the memory of your customer, it can be given a prestigious place in their homes and hearts, and so be a worthwhile investment.


Creating engaging digital projects for your customers

Sometimes, a free giveaway to your customer can be one of your most valuable assets – especially when paired with the right email and social campaign. For an ethical retailer, we created this fun giveaway to time with the Autumn school holidays. Our client's customer is an environmentally aware mum who wants to engage and teach her children and give them exciting projects to keep them occupied when the colder weather. Our solution was to create 10 environmentally conscious activities to follow along with and downloadable PDF's to keep the family entertained.


The Email Free Giveaway

Crafting the perfect email opt-in or free giveaway or gift takes time and understanding of your customer. In the example below, we wrote and styled a downloadable brochure to engage a particular audience. It was also offered as a free printed coffee-table inspired piece that would capture names, addresses and customer loyalty. Crafting these kinds of headlines and strategies and then delivery quality content takes time and expertise and should be carefully considered.

Jennifer Glover