Private Jet Book with Digital Illustrations


An exclusive and bespoke book design

We were first asked to work with Luxembourg based Jetfly Aviation in 2015. Jetfly is the leading private jet fractional ownership in Europe, specialising in the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24.

This was a discrete and creative project which needed to fulfil a number objective's for Jetfly's prestigious clientele. Our role was to create unique illustrations, story planning, copywriting, design and project management to bring the piece to life. But, we also needed to support Jetfly and the management team as their objectives transitioned and evolved over the process of two years.

Jetfly Aviation PC12

Supporting the client experience

I firmly believe that you should always put the client's needs and the business requirements first. You need to listen and become an investigator into what is working, what isn’t and what is required and take stock at every stage of the project. Research is the foundation of good design and brand placement. Excellent design flows from research. Creativity is the last critical piece – it is there to support and convey your business message so you can make the best impact possible. I like to think we did just that for Jetfly. I once had a design mentor who worked for Saatchi's who said: "It is not how you start a project that is important, but how you finish it".

So, if you have a challenging project or don't quite know how (or what) you want to achieve – it is still possible to move your brand forward. We just need to look deeply at your underlying objectives. Design and creative strategy is an integral part of your business toolbox. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to determine the right outcomes and results.

Maxime Bouchard Managing Director Jetfly Aviation
Jennifer always had the patience to listen and adapt to our needs, and constantly delivered excellent outcomes which our clients appreciated.
— Maxime Bouchard – Managing Director Jetfly Aviation