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The kind of experience you don’t get from most branding agencies

In 2017, I allowed myself a design sabbatical to set up Jennifer Glover Fine Art Studio. This was a personal branding exercise and one which has allowed me incredible insight into the world of business and branding.

It has also been fundamental to learning a whole suite of new marketing skills that came precisely at the right time with the evolution of modern business. Having always dealt with business clients in the past, I was now on the other side of the fence, dealing directly to the customer in a product based business.

Building relationships and strategies in my own business allowed me to fully understand:

  • How to connect with my customers

  • Sell both in the UK and internationally

  • Directly harness the power of Instagram and Pinterest

  • Shoot my own video and create effective behind the scenes photography

  • Utilise email, opt-in, real mail and combinational analytic strategies

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Working with Squarespace websites

Let’s be clear, Squarespace website are not right for everyone. If you need a Wordpress site or want to sell via Shopify or even have a custom site made – let’s talk. However, if you have a small to a medium lifestyle based business or brand and are selling under 200 products, Squarespace is currently the simplest and most efficient way to grow. For my art brand, using the Squarespace platform allowed me to blog, sell and integrate seamlessly with other email and techs such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Acuity Scheduling and analytics.

How to build a brand

Building a brand from nothing is no mean feat. It is not just a logo and strap-line, in-fact far from it. It is:

  • Your story and how you convey your message

  • Your tone, your copy and how you respond to your customers

  • It is planning and styling your social (and, not over styling and planning it – depending on your market)

  • It is your customer service

  • Your images and your style


Benefit from our “real-life” experience

It is very noisy out there in the digital landscape, and you need to make sure your customers always remember and connect to you – this takes subtlety and acumen. Also, never underestimate the power of real connections and real mail. The trend back towards live events, in-person connections and something you can tangibly hold in your hand is real and growing – especially as the digital market becomes saturated and customers are more digital savvy.


Helen @littlelavenderroom testimonial
Life is so ‘full’ without always being ‘fulfilling’ isn’t it? I’m going to pop over and subscribe ... because you’re talking a language I understand.
— Helen @littlelavenderroom


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